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[repeated] a judas trainwreck a song that will last all night and for the rest of our lives a tearful gaze turns away ah ooh, ah ooh ahh, so good all the way and make all the b boys scream and off his melting jaw and the kids drinkin' in the park and the stance i took on that and there must have been some catfish and there's a fume in this truck another misspent night as they pulled you out as we cross ten leagues from a rubicon. 'cause only you got a thing 'cause you got something that i just got to get with 14 miles away from a landfill grave all my friends got dixie soul and i heard of that japanese girl and it stands just where i've set and my shoes worn out and used and point it out with the dark sunglasses and shook the blues out of your hair and the drain is drawn and the love that is breathin' and they're safe from any harm and your lingo coined from the sacrament of a casino.
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