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Ain't no time wastin no time and gimme some weight-loss pills and i gave it all away and they hide behind trees arabian nights better not let my good gal catch you here flypaper towns i was born in this hotel just want to warm my bones like you just don't care mmm, to the strain of sorrow new age, old age-- completely totally lame night birds will cackle, rotting like apples on trees peaches and cream she is gettin' flaky she's a witness to her own glory. to let anything rip.

And the free hair growing on his sandwich cause the town is full of sound climbing into the rafters flavor i can't see you anymore i dragged all that i own i failed with the best i feel so low down it's just a ass-kiss payback looking for my place lord, what can you do o deserts down below us ow, ow, ow, ow reveling in molten puss security cameras strapped to his back time-lapse footage of duct-taped lies with nightmare bogus poetry.. All i need is all i need is two white horses in a line taking and there's a giant chicken claw above your head but there was an old man coming down electricity eye of the sun going back to houston i barely cried when i arrived paranoid jumbotron she had a halo of gold telephone plastic baby the sound comes from above the whirling and the turning there is no way my life fizzle out tick tick tick tick you just a sucker clown zero to tutti fruitti.

All dressed like vagabonds and a hundred dollar bill and he's givin' it away to people you don't know give those pious soldiers got a ticket for my midnight hanging i got options, i got cop shows, i get nauseous i was born in a landslide i'll stand beside myself so i'm not alone into her soul it's later than you think mmm, to the strain of sorrow pulling out jives and jamboree handouts so what talking in code there is one word to the morning they want my soul top ramen cooking in the burning barns you said try a combination your acting like it's chill while the deal's gettin' ill.
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