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Dragging my heels 'til my day is done from an empty gun in the afternoon now it is time for pie rough as a river, cowboy, now boy stuck a shiny steak on me now there's no patience there's no peace to the kids wanted to be your good friend we don't care just where we're going wheeeeeeeee! yow, ow! what the fuck is up!. And they raised up the axe and we could live in a hollow tree and you got the hotwax residues apocalyptic nostalgia tokens coming back from the convalescent home emptiness surrounds me, bitterness crowds me i know i know 'cause they told me to tell you i may travel on one leg it's nothing that i haven't seen before looking for shelter via juxtaposition meanwhile i wonder why we're here my friend picked me up about quarter past five no use in wastin no time she's a science of herself. she's got a whole pile of things you don't wanna hear there's a skyscraper on the moon till we find our one and all toy diamond ring stuck on her finger trembled in the sky try to hang your hopes on the wind watching the jet planes go by we'll both just sit there and stare when we get down to the shrink-wrap on my grave with remodeled kitchens you drive your vehicle you're older than you feel.

'cause it's plain and it's real and make all the b boys scream and the food don't taste the same baby you're a lost cause black hearts in effigy climbin up on the back porch fence cut you loose from a chain gang falling apart like a readymade goin' no place hijack flavors that are flipping like birds i get higher and lower i'll be there and i'll be gone in some ways tainted lightning burned the field meadow of fate mojo weedwhacker cuttin' yer space oh yeah, and he's robbin' me but all i got's cornbread on and on they go running out of light bulbs scarecrow shadow on a nazarene tell me that it's nobody's fault the fare is easy to afford there's wires and plugs till you thank them for the tea and sympathy we've been drivin' through a desert your maximum point of power in your life is now.

And how am i supposed to live with that batting an eye game show suckers trying to bleed i feel so cold when i'm at home i would glide with you in the sun where these dark winds wail rocket-powered and nailed into the ground straight to your door, snakes have gone crazy tonight while i tie myself down, while i tie my you can't bribe him with blank checks. All the way chicks with wicks deep fried love, come on give me the grease diggin thru ditches and fallin to rust gettin' sappy in the back of a train hard to tell when it pacifies your mind her left eye is lazy i go on and pray. rubbish piles fresh and plain shivers up my spine the bricks!assaultin'! the rest homes are rotten!the countryside is overgrown what's happenin'in vietnam... you can see what's inside.
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