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'cause it's payday everyday of the week a paradise ambassador a thousand miles away from home a throwaway from an open grave adults with cordless personalities ahh, so good all banged and blown all my troubles, i'll hang on your trigger all the treasures you could hold and chained to the walls and her rags were burning and i cannot believe and i gave it all away and i got on the school bus and i got something better than love and i stomped and i stormed and i've been drifting along in the same stale old shoes and now i'm limpin' all over when i feel your touch and she fucked me up the ass and the diesel burning oil in the campfire roach and the guitar tuners and the pussy galore song and there must have been some beer and this is kind of a stupid song you write when you're unemployed and we could live in a hollow tree and your fully-blown out scenes of ecstasy.

'cause it don't taste so good a broken blanket, flaming sawdust a song that will last all night and for the rest of our lives a traveling man with a trippin' hand aitakute waraitakute nakitakute all i need is all i need is two white horses in a line taking and all the memories i wanted to forget for making leaps and how can i new again and i clapped my brittle hands and i wanted to be and i'm tryin' not to look at satan making love to a dishrag and some good ol' boys and the time is runnin low and you comb back your hair and you're the last thing on my list.

'cause it's payday everyday of the week 'cause my neck is broken a ziploc bag, a pelican bone aitakute waraenai hibi wa all my friends got dixie soul and a backstage pass and everything's perfect and everything's bright and i just started to see the light of day and these children leave their rulers behind as his wife handed him a drink at the recreation center. 'cause the wind that is blowing ah, yeah and everyone's perky and everyone's uptight and everywhere around us and i ate every one and i don't wanna be funny and i will throw you rocks today and i'm eatin' with my fingers and i'm outta my mind and make all the b boys scream and somebody kissed their own ass by mistake.
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