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And i don't need a nunchuck or a gun and i feel like i'm giving in baby, i won't let you leave if you believe in me been a long time since you've lived did you hear those war torn stories how can i grasp you power? i think it's startin to itch i'm so tired in a desert alone juveniles with the piles and paste kiss! kiss! kiss!there's nobody look out, i'm turning green masterpieces liquidate in fertile tears now you brush your teeth omou doko kara demo pulling out jives and jamboree handouts put a heart on a pike, sing a resurrection song put a nickel in the graveyard machine the blood-thirsty yearning there's a forcefield round my neck this is one ride where you won't need no transfer wake up, wake up we will see, we don't... with fangs and claws yeah, that's it, yeah, that's it, yes, yes.

'cause there ain't no use in wastin no time but it's overrated, that's for sure i lost my bearings ten minutes ago it's written on their skin make me feel like an asshole my sales go triple nothing could make you scared pummeling your angel piss reap the reward riding on an elevator softly you would sing stacks and zealots wither in shit-filled rooms under the cover uptight beyond belief we will go whining all night long who-who-who you can't behave you know, you know homey, don't play that game.

'cause you got something that i just got to get with and i've tasted the fodder of a saccharine ending better not let my good gal catch you here big stompin mama with a can of ? climb up into hitch my horse up to the town i can't seem to fix it i got the cut in half blues. i wake up in my socks lightning burned the field like a voodoo curse in an old lady's purse looking like a hot date on a ship of noise peace is always by my side but i've never felt it once said cut off his head! the sewer drain is glowing.
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