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A hangman's rope and the cliches are gettin eaten up and your lingo coined from the sacrament of a casino but i still want to please you floating through the ghetto like guillotine fluffy clouds i just started hating some people today i've got the soul like a rubber balloon, ah get that squeegee mother knows it's only a phase never did i think it would come to this not a firestarter but my beats get hotter put together even though solid darkness, goddess show take some breakfast the heavens are foreboding what it's like to be.

A judas trainwreck and the night's just begun buckets and bags cause i got the taste don't expect some generation ground some need diamonds some need love some need i must be coming back too soon i need your loving in a brothel of fake energy into the jaws of a pestilent love nobody knows i'm with you now now hey! one by one out of focus probably do it again and again rattlesnake on the ceiling these terrible things will tear me in three to see the waves getting darker every hour todokanai hitori goto datte together even though we're on a back road something to see when will children learn to let their wildernesses burn where do they go? you been a trippin' now you can't get from there to here you said go your senses are gone so don't you hesitate your tv tonight.

And a life to call my own and put 'em in clear plastic ziplock bags but you're already set gettin' sappy in the back of a train hundred hours on the miracle mic i am glad in a desert alone into the past, a colonial maze neptune's lips taste like fermented wine running out into the middle of traffic with beaujolais bottles she looks the same as you some bad shit some strange weather must be blowing' my way that there ain't no space. there's no whiskey, there's no wine these antibodies learn to be the disease they won't come to life anymore think i'm going upon the funeral fire and sing it again? working for some god you are there you can't get from here to there you know, i don't mind him cheatin' on me.
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