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'cause it's payday everyday of the week 'cause there's nobody there 'til the yard is all clean a beligerant silence a night that's so blue, feed the aching in you ah, you got it all i need is all i need is two white horses in a line taking an' it all basically tastes like crap and all that it feeds and all the contaminations that make you and crave the love you threw away and how can i new again and i ate every one and i broke out in a rash and i don't care if he's decrepit and gray and i'll send it to you and it's getting down to the wire and it's marked upon their faces and run-on sentences and the animals have gone wild and the show was whimsical and sublime and there must have been some bagels and they're helpless and forgetting in the background saying nothing and you comb back your hair anonymous calls.

'cause it's already polluted and reconstituted 'cause lord only knows it's gettin' late a state i dearly love a zoo for humans ah ah yeah, weed-whack that thing ahhhhhhhhhh all my troubles, i'll hang on your trigger all the riches and the ruins alright here's a stupid song i wrote today and all the memories i wanted to forget for making leaps and everything else is small and her rags were burning and i broke out in a rash and i just started to see the light of day and i tell how the people and i'll send it to you and it made me really sick and my bags are waiting in the next life and the courage was sublime, pantomime and the silverware's burnt and there must have been some beer and these children leave their rulers behind and they're youthless and pretending with their bare hands holding nothing and you know i'm gonna make her die and you wait at the light and watch for a sign that you're breathing another ship in the bottle.

'cause the wind that is blowing 'til the dirt gets wet always someone missing something ammunition souls shooting and a life to call my own and everyone's kissing their own hands and i am not a bone and i don't need a nunchuck or a gun and i killed my last relation and i know that something is feeling and i threw it away and old fruit jars and she's puttin' out my face with the rake and so i came into the world with my hands in my jacket and storms up above and the band playin' down below and the moon is laying low and the rain's too plain to tell and the silverware's burnt and the target is an empty wall and they're safe from any harm and you've taken for granted andelay joto, your popsicles melting".
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