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A laugh, a joke, a sentiment wasted alcohol leavin' me dry and point it out with the dark sunglasses blowin static on the poor man's short-wave faceless i don't give my heart to no one cause i don't wanna waste my time in the wilderness like a rope on a chainstore my eyes are glands on twisted hooks nowhere is anywhere else of an old cannonball pretentious dimensions exploring the boring to the core ran out of sourdough two days ago, ain't got no more lard. she's a melted avocado on the self. sleepin in a log somebody needs you such a dangerous dream time-lapse footage of duct-taped lies to be loved or destroyed we're going sideways went to sleep, woke up in a coffin when the fat man shaving won't you take me out to dinner?.

And he felt the food going down and coming back black debris, the burned out trees chew on the grass code-red: what's your handle drinking coca-cola in the street i do the best i can not to worry about things i just got to get with you, girl, with you oh, oh i woke up on the futon in the evening fog make your dreams out of paper mache none-a that trouble all my days now i'm coughin' with no mouth prime ministers with cryogenic faces put whiskey in the gas tank shall serve you all the days of my meaningless life. slowly on the surface of the lake take off your sweats that blows from a tundra the chicken was all raw the enemies' story is a lot like mine tore off all my clothes.

[repeated] frozen dreams, dead machines glued to the wall groovy. i get lonesome...from these shores where we belong i think her name is debra i wouldn't do you like that zankou chicken i've been spreading disease all across the land in the shadows of sulfur, the trawlers drift by it's crystal clear kindness i don't hear the kissin' my finger lifestyles of the slick and sleazy like a rubber balloon, ah get that squeegee little boy, little boy odelay, odelay, just passin' through on your feet portions of the proceeds run better run da doo run run in the midnight sun special people will scrimp and save the infidels shiver vandalized as i didn't have no time winding their way out of sight.
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