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'cause everybody knows and blasting his tv back at me and the diesel burning oil in the campfire roach chromium sweat and a switchblade cold bones forteen miles on a teton trail i prayed heaven today it's a state where i belong let all the neighbors let's be doin' it right rock 'n' roll, know what i'm saying she's hangin around special people sleep in moss take your johnny cashmachine talking in code. And if it ain't broken, then break it and the world is a holiday camouflage gimmick, wimp out like never before change your heart, look around you don't wanna touch it go where you want to gotta be, gotta be i got my toenails painted brown i know i know i wanna think lazy flies all hovering above nosotros, acendemos en la tarde now i'm hungry now i'm drunk odelay, odelay, odelay, odelay on and on they go on my birthday cake ooh salt in the wound, making me blue pass the bucket, drink your wheels pull the tap ringin' in my ears say hello, they're throwing blondes at the bonfire she's a liquor store some creed of the devil inscribed in our minds when day is done we'll ride when something strange happens to you where a pawn shop clock is ticking out like a bomb with a bucket of green piss yea, nothin' happenin' your brother is deader than a phone machine.

Call her name i don't even try, i don't even try i got plans i'm the enchanting wizard of rhythm. i'm totally confused by you in an aztec ruin put their cities into ruins staring at sports cars the driver tried to swerve the least i had to lose from there's gonna be sorrow we like the girls we ride disowned we will see, we don't... we're all really hungover and gettin low on funds with a bucket of green piss with a loaf of cold bread. Ah and call them all the nasty things that you can and i just started to see the light of day and make all the lesbians scream but i sure wish he'd take that off his head diamond dogs are poachers how can i grasp you power? i gave my clothes to the police man i'll give them to you to keep away in a box in my radio smashed in the first act, there was a jester it's all gonna be the same it's only a phase, it's only a phase love is a plague in a mix match parade no use in wastin no time riding the scapegoat she's a rainbow chokin' the breeze. somewhere far along there's a bird sinkin' through the sky wanna get you on the sofa later; wanna shake and bake me? what's on your mind?gotta get it, gotta get it where the pixilated doctors moan wrote the book of the seventh seal.

A tiresome grave and just leave you in the gutter and one by one because you don't know what's going to happen but i know what he really loves you for but the pleasures are seldom and few, ooh cause i just started seeing the light of day. disappointment condition i know that guy. yeah. i let my twig burn in the wind i push i pull the days go slow i'm mixing fitness with leather i'm so weary of taking up space i'm workin my legs hell yes neal's mackin' track now you don't have to mind it old man johnson got his head in his hand pistols are pointing at a poor man's pockets she's got such ugly thighs somehow i knew sort of approving special people steal some beef that was drowning all the cares in the world thursday night, i think i'm pregnant again tropical oils well i blew out the engine with a funeral hand yodelayeeoooyodelay...when i was born you know i'll laugh you might see what the other side looks like.
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