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'cause it's plain and it's real a song that will last all night and for the rest of our lives accessories accessorising all i need is all i need is two white horses in a line taking all of that mixed, again and drive us into the dirt and everything's perfect and everything's bright and he picks up a magazine, turns on the tv and i clapped my brittle hands and i feel like i'm giving in and i have read in paper books and i spent it to death and i'm down to the sound and if it's meant some accident, some coincidence and it's a perfect day to lock yourself inside and it's a strange invitation and my chevrolet terraplane and phone calls from people in chicago and phone machines and a fax machine and put your skeletons in jail. and the animals have gone wild and the drain is drawn and the girls don't talk when i'm around and the lands on up ahead and the love that is breathin' and the people don't breathe and their eyes and we're gone.

'cause it's payday everyday of the week 'cause nobody knows a bird of song a hangman's rope a helicopter searchlight ahh, everyone's out to get you, mutherfukka ahhhhhhhhhh and everything else is small and i will throw you rocks today and i'll do whatever i can. and i've been waiting for a year, a day and it's getting down to the wire and it's rude and my mouth is full of sand and i don't understand and no thoughts and she got's the soul and the drugs won't kill your day job, honey and the love that is breathin' and there's nothing i wouldn't talk about and tried to take my rest another misspent night are those clogs or platform shoes at the dancin' children.

'cause everybody knows death creeps in slow 'cause you got a thing a night that's so blue, feed the aching in you ahhhhhhhhhh and all the laws of creation and all those jokes have already been written and i just started wanting to see you dead. and i realized i was in a rock video and i'm lowering all my disappointments and i'm scared to keep on going on my way and i've been like this before and i've been waiting for a year, a day and the cigarettes were smoking by themselves and the factories, casualties are looking for mangled jewels and the mayonnaise comes and the moon is saggin down like a metal ball and the things that just eat away my soul and the time is runnin low and their tongues are full of heartless tales and your lingo coined from the sacrament of a casino.
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