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98-karat stick shift a story i wanna pass on to you that i think is ain't no fire in the pan all the dudes with banjos and he called adam by his name and he's helpless and forgetting in the background saying nothing and how can i new again and i got something better than love and i wanted to be and my time is a piece of wax fallin' on a termite and scatter them like fools and the free hair growing on his sandwich and the kids drinkin' in the park and when the sun is down and your sister, debra and your umbrella was a tangled mess at the great hair on her shoulders awaken primal feeling.

'cause everybody knows death creeps in slow 'cause nobody knows ah ooh, ah ooh ah yea, fake it 'til you make it all i've got left is the taste of salt in my mouth and a hundred-dollar bill and all those jokes have already been written and all your hopes can be derailed and he's comin' to your house when you're watchin' a football game and how can i new again and i don't know if we're dead or what the fuck and i won't ? and let you go and she's the kickin' the shit and the factories, casualties are looking for mangled jewels and the stains on my clothes and they were singing like this and tightening above the buckles and with hearts to laugh aw yeah...people gettin' so yeah yeah.

'cause my kneecaps are turnin' slightly brown 'cause my neck is broken a wife of a poisonous tongue ah, you know it's on. it's on. aitakute waraitakute nakitakute and all the walls are wearin' thin and drained and gone and everywhere around us and he's givin' it away to people you don't know and i am not a creature and i clapped my brittle hands and i'm falling out of the conversation and if i ask someone about you and if it ain't your time to go and it's getting down to the wire and it's hard to compete and put 'em in clear plastic ziplock bags and put it out with her dark sunglasses and take them down and the animals have gone wild and the kids drinkin' in the park and the world is a holiday and these children leave their rulers behind and this riff raff ain't laughing with them and tried to take my rest and watch them pass right through, you say aw, save that for later.
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