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A treasury you can't afford aggot on your sleeve ahhhhhhhhhh and a life to call my own and a man standing on a window and every hour that passes and everywhere i look there's a devil waiting and i am so long waiting and i hope the rain doesn't come and i woke up on the ceiling and my body's out of tune and the cigarettes were smoking by themselves and the great big, big, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful eyes... and tightening above the buckles and your ten inch stump as he pulled out an uzi we turned and hauled ass at the end of the night at the theater, i did meet her.

'cause it feels like i'm watching something dying 'cause they're just too hard to see a hangman's rope aggot on your sleeve aitakute waraitakute nakitakute all dressed like vagabonds all i've got left is the taste of salt in my mouth all the way alright here's a stupid song i wrote today and all the toilets are overflowing and all your belongings and crave the love you threw away and flaky skin, and he's youthless and forgetting with his bare hands touching nothing and i don't want to be funny and i like pianos in the evening sun and i went out on tour and i'm tryin' not to look at satan making love to a dishrag and make all the big boys scream and my pants ain't getting no bigger and that aluminum crutch and the tongues will burn in vain and there ain't nothin' like the real artificial at the halfway home at the recreation center automatic bzooty aw, save that for later.

'cause they drag us down into the ruins 'til they fall down and deflate a broken blanket, flaming sawdust aching up their slavery smoke ah and a hundred dollar bill and all the contaminations that make you and all the toilets are overflowing and chained to the walls and every hour that passes and he felt the food going down and coming back and he picks up a magazine, turns on the tv and he's givin' it away to people you don't even know and he's talking to me and i didn't have no cash and i don't know if we're dead or what the fuck or what and i drank all the beer and she fucked me up the ass and she got's the soul and some of them gay and the drain is drawn and their tongues are full of heartless tales and there must have been some pickles and there's cherries and there's potato chips autopilot drivers aw yeah...people gettin' so yeah yeah.
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