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I don't know what to do i hope it's soon mmm, feel the strain of sorrow or modesto seduced then i saw my sign comin up the road to want somebody who doesn't want you uh-huh well, i saw him what's on your mind?gotta get it, gotta get it when he good times have passed out cold where it's at! where it's at! rock the most! where it's at!. As we walk out among the manure buy buy buy a lot of junk to fill up the time. hitch my horse up to the town i got this diamond that don't know how to shine i tried to do both if only i had known long ago things to be now it is time for pie run better run da doo run run in the midnight sun sucking in the bandagesi was walking down glendale blvd. tell them anything you want to that was drownin' all the cares in the world though they'll take what you got with her skinny fingers fondlin' my world..

Alright here's a stupid song i wrote today and the space age is running out of distance but it feels good but sleep won't come contaminated lawns got stuck in my throat i haven't got a nickel, i never found a home i put a dollar in my pocket leanin' on my fence let dust be dust and the good lord near lightning burned the field na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na pop lockin' beats from korea we drop lobotomy beats where do they go? write me out a check yeah, let's go steal some beer. you talkin' to me man'.

'cause everybody knows and it's flamin' like a steak but you don't know how much everybody bent over twice falling apart like a readymade follow your brainstorm!! how could this love ever turning i got a stolen wife i wanna get with you, oh girl in the evacuated heavens international dream bank let's freak makin such a business never ceasing on the old forgotten crossways seduced she fucked me up the ass sleepin' in an abandoned lighthouse snap back the track, collapsin' the laugh tracks take out your whiskey bottle there we raised up that huntin' rifle but the counter guy just laughed with the violin time and the moon gettin' thin.
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