Spongebob Ipsum

Word Lists: Spongebob

What has four wings and flies? a garbage truck! it's not just any boulder... ... ..it's a rock! don't genius live in lamps? a five letter word for happiness... money. spongebob doesn't have hair. or does he? will you please stop leaving your undergarments on my front lawn? that's no reason to be ripping people's heads off boy! i'll tell you the story of the ugly barnacle. there once was an ugly barnacle. he was so ugly, everybody died. the end. attention all employees! just giving you a heads-up. i'll be conducting a surprise uniform inspection in one hour. whoever doesn't pass gets the boot. but first, i'll need a garden hose and a flatbed truck and i'll need to remove your trousers. mr. krabs, please. i'll prove i'm a fry cook. ask squidward, he'll vouch for me. well, we're both invertebrates, aren't we?.
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